Digital Marketing: Learn what it is, how to do it and main strategies

Digital Marketing: Learn what it is, how to do it and main strategies

Digital Marketing brought a real revolution in terms of consumption and relationship with brands and businesses. Today, there are several successful entrepreneurs who use strategies as the main pillar of their business.

In this way, it is increasingly common for us to use the internet to find out about a product or service, research prices and even buy. In fact, 82% of Brazilians have already made at least one purchase online, according to research by NZN Intelligence.

And the goal of marketing has always been to connect with the audience, talking to them in the right place and time. Therefore, if you intend to undertake online, you need to be present where the public spends most of their time: on the internet.

You already know that the marketing concept is related to driving the customer to purchase, in addition to satisfying their needs and desires.

But the way this is done has changed a lot over time, following technological advances and the habits of the population. In this sense, it cannot be ignored that, currently, a large portion of the population is connected and uses the internet to shop.

The internet has brought to the consumer several purchasing options. If before we had to go from store to store researching prices and with few options for competition, now the scenario is completely different.

And that’s why Digital Marketing has become the main way to market and reach audiences these days. It is the most efficient strategy, since it uses the channels that the public already uses.

But anyone who thinks that Digital Marketing is limited to customers who buy via computer is wrong. There are also strategies aimed at smartphone users, such as targeted ads on Facebook, TikTok and Google itself.

The big advantage of Digital Marketing? Any business, regardless of the available budget, can start applying the strategies right now.