Biography of Sonangol-Muzik / Biografia Sonangol-Muzik

Sonangol-Muzik is an organization focused on the creation and dissemination of artistic content, through its distribution channels such as: Blog, Tv Sonangol-Muzik, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram e outros.

Sonangol-Muzik qwhich was founded on the 4th of October 2018, at the time named Star of Music (Sucesso para os melhores) BY Sabino Delsy Isaías Manuel, also known as Delsy Youngest in Luanda, Maculusso, in the service company called DalmatAng, constituted by:

Sabino Delsy Isaías Manuel (Ceo)
Braulio Leal Guvulo
Lucas Samuel kingango

A project that would serve as a school project to create a company was put into practice when, after accepting the invitation to be part of the team Braulio Leal Guvulo e Lucas Samuel kingango, this when the three attended the 1st year of University Sabino Delsy Isaías Manuel (Business management, no Instituto Superior Politecnico do Kangonjo), Braulio Leal Guvulo (Economia, no Instituto Superior Politecnico do Kangonjo) e Lucas Samuel kingango (Economia, Universidade Antonio Agostinho Neto).

On November 16, 2019, the need to change the name of the organization to Sonangol-Muzik, as some of the objectives have been changed. Sonangol-Muzik because the objective became to achieve the greatest number of publicity from the neighborhood Sonangol, located in Angola, province of Luanda, municipality of Luanda.

In the change of Star of Music (Sucesso para os melhores) to Sonangol-Muzik, the organization removed two members and elected two new members, being constituted by:

Sabino Delsy Isaías Manuel (Ceo)
Jeremias Carlos
Inêsio Isaias Manuel

With this change, the Tv Sonangol-Muzik, Sonangol-Muzik Photos.